Episode 86: Jared Irby

Mar 30, 2021Podcast

In today’s episode of Passion for Real Estate Investments, President of Irby Home Buyers, Jared Irby, talks about his journey in real estate investing, resilience, and the good stress of flying. 

Jared attended the University of South Alabama, but left to pursue his first successful venture in a long line of successful ventures. 10 years ago, he started buying and redeveloping real estate. In that time, he has flipped hundreds of houses, acquired hundreds of apartments, and closed many tens of millions of dollars worth of deals. Throughout his career, Jared has bought, opened, and sold many highly successful businesses, including two startups that grew to over $10 Million in annual revenue. Jared is an inactive Real Estate Licensee in Alabama, and is currently pursuing a CCIM designation. 

How has the market downturn affected his business? He tells us how he’s preparing his business for a catastrophic future event, and we get to hear about his business model. Why is wholesaling better in the current market situation? Hear the advantages of in-house property management, how people participate in his deals, and the importance of vetting your investors, capital sources, and banks. 

If you want to learn about the ways to prepare and protect your business for catastrophe, or you want to know about finding the right funding sources, or you’re looking to get into the market during the downturn, this episode is for you.


Highlights from the interview

  • “I’m passionate about real estate because there’s just so many ways to win.”

  • “I get most stressed when everything is going good, because you know something bad is coming.”

  • “When you don’t need the money now, it’s better to not make a deal with the devil. Vetting your investors is important to make sure that their goals are aligned with yours.”

About Jared Irby

Jared Irby, President of IRBY Homebuyers and the IRBY group of companies, is an experienced entrepreneur with a unique and diverse skill set.

Jared has opened and sold multiple successful ventures in his career. Two startups were taken to over $10MM per year in revenue with significant cash flow and profits. He is highly skilled in marketing, sales, and business management as his diverse experience has required.

Jared attended the University of South Alabama on an academic scholarship but left prior to graduation to start his first of several successful ventures which rapidly grew to over 100 employees. He started buying & redeveloping real estate 10 years ago and has never looked back. Jared is an Alabama Real Estate Licensee (inactive) and pursuing a CCIM designation.

Over the last 10 years, Jared and his group have companies that have flipped hundreds of houses, acquired hundreds of apartment/rental units, and transacted tens of millions of dollars in real estate deals.

Along with real estate and business, Jared is passionate about spending time with his two young daughters and is also a licensed pilot that enjoys ample amounts of flying, hunting, fishing, and boating along the amazing Gulf Coast where he calls home.

To learn more about Jared, you can stay connected with him on his website.


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