Episode 85: Brett Snodgrass

Mar 23, 2021Podcast

In today’s episode of Passion for Real Estate Investments, CEO and Founder of Simple Wholesaling, Brett Snodgrass, talks about wholesaling, wholetailing, and seller financing. 

Brett has been full-time in real estate since 2007. Within 5 years, Brett grew his team from one person to over 10 full-time staff, and has since tripled his deal flow. He is a wholesaling, wholetailing, and creative financing specialist, helping investors all across the US grow their businesses. Brett has featured on various podcasts, including BiggerPockets, Wholesaling Inc, and FlipNerd, and he is the host of the Simple Wholesaling Podcast and the Wholesaling Made Simple Meetup. 

How did the market downturn help Brett? He tells us about the basics of wholesaling, his hybrid business model, and his goal of becoming a lender. We also hear his views on seller financing, and simplifying investing. 

If you’re looking to diversify your investing, or you want to know how to start with wholesaling, or you’re looking for the best hybrid business model, this episode is for you.


Highlights from the interview

  • Brett and his team average 300 deals a year.
  • “You don’t have to have 200-300 deals a year to have an amazing business.”
  • “I like the quick nickel rather than the slow dime.”
  • “The lenders, the people actually lending money, they’re the ones at the top.”
  • “Most entrepreneurs have a habit of doing more, and I’ve been studying how to live a simpler life.”

About Brett Snodgrass

Brett Snodgrass has been a full time real estate investor for 13 years. He specializes in wholesaling, wholetailing, creative financing, and scaling a business from a one-man-band to an amazing full team running 100’s of deals per year. Brett has specialized knowledge and first hand experience in several facets of real estate investing. Brett is an investor in Indianapolis and loves being a Hoosier. He works with investors all over the country who want to invest in one of the top rated cash-flowing markets in the nation, Indianapolis, Indiana.

His amazing team buys and sells 300+ properties per year, and builds passive streams of income by creating 50+ creative financing deals per year. In the last 5 years, Brett has gone from a one person team, to a full time staff of 10+ team members and has tripled his deal flow in 5 years.

As both a man of faith and a real estate investor, Brett combines his business knowledge and his faith to bring opportunity to everyone he encounters while spreading the kingdom of God. This is his mission and the purpose behind his company, Simple Wholesaling. He has a passion for helping others in business and personal growth. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Karen, and his 4 young children. He enjoys taking mission trips & serving others through his faith.

Brett has been featured on several podcast interviews and is a premier guest on two BiggerPockets podcasts including Biggerpockets podcast episode 231: A Simple Strategy of doing 25 Deals per Month & the Best Deal Ever Show Episode 10: Substitute Teacher Makes 80K on First Land Deal. He has also been a guest on dozens of other podcasts including Wholesaling Inc. and FlipNerd.

Brett also has his own podcast for the last 4 years called Simple Wholesaling Podcast with Brett Snodgrass and hosts a local meetup in Indianapolis, Wholesaling Made Simple Meetup. He is a sought after speaker who has given key presentations on scaling a real estate investing business to developing a purpose behind the business. He loves to give back all the blessings that God has blessed him with.

To learn more about Brett, you can stay connected with him on his website or Facebook.


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