Episode 78: Veena Jetti

Feb 2, 2021Podcast

In today’s episode of Passion for Real Estate Investments, Founder of Vive Funds, Veena Jetti, talks about multifamily syndications. From graduating with a finance degree at the age of 20 to running multiple successful companies, Veena has paved the way to financial freedom.

Veena was born into a real estate family. Since graduating college at the age of 20, Veena has gained experience in corporate growth strategies, acquisitions, business development, syndication, and asset management. She has over 10 years of experience in overseeing more than $1 billion in real estate assets, and has worked for multiple Fortune 500 companies. In 2014, Veena co-founded Enzo Multifamily. She assisted in coordinating emergency services for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, and has since dedicated much of her time to helping companies prepare for disaster response. In 2020, Veena launched Vive Funds. She can often be found at conferences and on radio shows as a regular panelist and speaker.

Veena holds a BSc in Finance from the University of Illinois.

What challenges does Veena face? How did her parents influence her real estate journey?  Veena gives her thoughts on multifamily investing versus single family investing, we learn the advantages of having a bigger buy box, the structure of her syndications, and we hear some of her KPIs.

If you want to learn about multifamily investing, or you want to know how to structure a syndication, or even if you want to know which KPIs to look at, this episode is for you.

Highlights from the interview

  • “Multifamily is a lot more scalable. It’s a lower risk asset. If you have one tenant not there, you don’t go into 100% vacancy. In a single family home, every time I have turnover, I’m at 100% vacancy.”
  • “If you put a deal under contract, you close that deal.”
  • “If I’m entering a market, I’ve been looking at it for at least a year, sometimes two years before I’ve entered it.”

About Veena Jetti

Veena Jetti is the founding partner of Vive Funds, a unique commercial real estate firm that specializes in curating conservative opportunities for investors. Veena brings a dynamic perspective to targeting, acquiring, managing, and operating assets using best practices combined with cutting edge technologies. Her professional expertise includes driving corporate strategy and business development opportunities.

To learn more about Veena, you can stay connected with her on her website.


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