Episode 73: Cory Boatright

Dec 29, 2020Podcast

In today’s episode of Passion for Real Estate Investments, Founder of Real Estate Investing Profits and Phenomenal Results Coaching, Cory Boatright, talks about marketing, the importance of listening, and the meaning of success. From selling Kirby vacuum cleaners door-to-door, to founding many successful businesses, and even defeating thyroid cancer, Cory has overcome every hurdle thrown at him and turned it into a success. 

At the age of 16, Cory dropped out of school and started selling Kirby vacuum cleaners. By the time he was in his 20s, he had already been involved with around 40 companies. After selling his first company for $4Million, he turned to real estate coaching and investing. Since then, he has done over 1000 real estate transactions. He currently owns more than 430 apartment units, and to date has sold over $100Million worth of real estate. 

He has been voted among the Top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profiles, as well as being ranked LinkedIn’s #1 for business, real estate, and life coaching. He is the author of 3 Amazon Bestsellers, Fast Company awarded him as the 4th Most Influential Internet Marketer Online, he’s published in the Wall Street Journal, and his biggest success was defeating thyroid cancer. 

How has multifamily investing benefitted Cory? He tells us about his wholesaling margins and working with off-market properties. How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected his market? Cory elaborates on “what is success?” How do you become a better negotiator? 

If you want to get into multifamily investing and want to know how to raise the capital, or you want to become a better negotiator, or you’re looking for ways to improve your marketing, this episode is for you.


Highlights from the interview

  • “If I have one regret, it would be: I should’ve gotten into multifamily sooner.”

  • Marketing is what makes the difference on your margins.
    “You can take the same house and get a little better margin from it by being a better negotiator.”

  • “Everybody wants to be successful, but they don’t really understand what success is.”
  • “Fulfilment has everything to do with internal. Often people relate success with external.”
  • “Experiences are priceless.”

About Cory Boatright

Cory has completed over 100 million in real estate acquisitions and closed over 1000 real property transactions including 100+ multi-family, land, SFR, and private investment dealings. He runs a nationwide education company that coaches high achieving entrepreneurs and their teams for getting phenomenal results in their business, as well as a top rated real estate Podcast in iTunes. He currently buys or wholesales 80-100 properties a year in the Greater Oklahoma City Metro Area and resides in Oklahoma with Lesly and their wonderful two kids.

To learn more about Cory, you can stay connected with him on his website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook


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