Episode 70: John Martinez

Dec 9, 2020Podcast

In this episode of Passion for Real Estate Investments, Owner of Midwest Revenue Group, John Martinez, talks about sales. When it comes to sales and training, John has climbed the ladder of success and cemented himself at the top of the game.

John Martinez is an industry-leading sales trainer. A serial entrepreneur, John has founded several businesses aimed at training, and while he maintains the majority of his focus on real estate investment training, his team can train within any industry. To date, John has trained more than 5000 salespeople in multiple industries. He has developed the Inside-Out Training Methodology, and has created the industry’s gold standard of sales and negotiation strategies.

How did he transition into sales training? What challenges are there for acquisition agents and managers? John gives his view on sales scripts, and he tells us how to set up a lead generation team. What’s John’s opinion on ‘in-house versus VA’?

If you’re interested in learning about sales, or you want to know how to become a better salesperson, or you want to know how to avoid some of common mistakes, this episode is for you.

Highlights from the interview 

  • “You have to be investing in something. You have to make your money work for you or else you’re going to be grinding away for the rest of your life, stocking away everything you can and then hope that you don’t outlive your money.”

  • Being a good listener makes you a good salesperson.

    “If you can listen and then occasionally ask the right questions to guide a conversation, people tell you exactly how to sell. They’ll tell you everything they need, everything they’re concerned about, every reason why they would be in business with you and every reason why they wouldn’t, and you can use all that to craft a great presentation.”

  • “The best salespeople love ‘no’.”

  • “Too much real estate knowledge might impede sales.”

About John Martinez

John Martinez is a serial entrepreneur, and highly sought-after sales expert.

John is best known for his sales training in the real estate investment industry.

Having trained over 500 of the country’s top Real Estate Investors and their teams, his scripts and sales & negotiation strategies have transformed the real estate investment industry and are now widely accepted as the industry’s gold standard.

To learn more about John, you can stay connected with him on his website or on YouTube


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