Episode 65: Jennifer Seeno Tucker

Nov 5, 2020Podcast

Are you looking to get into real estate part-time? Are you already in real estate but you’re looking for ways to scale your business? 

In this episode of Passion for Real Estate Investments, Rockstar Real Estate Agent, Jennifer Seeno Tucker, talks about becoming an investor and realtor. From working part-time in education, to closing her first real estate deal, to becoming a top producer in real estate, Jennifer’s passion has allowed her to become successful and help others reach their goals. 

After graduating with a master’s degree in education, and working part-time as an educator, Jennifer took the decision to become a licensed real estate agent in 2012. In 2017 and 2018, EXIT Realty International awarded Jennifer with the Silver award for her commissions, and in 2019, she earned the Gold Award for increasing her sales. She has gone on to become a best-selling author (Become A Rockstar Real Estate Agent: 7 Steps to Make $100k A Year), and she is the co-creator of the highly successful real estate training program, The 7 Saturday’s Training Program. 

What difficulties has she faced? We hear some of her views on wholesalers and real estate agents, and how her market is handling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. What is her philosophy on competition in the industry?

If you’re looking to conquer your fear and get into investing, or you want to learn how to reach your goal and financial freedom, this episode is for you.

Highlights of the Interview:

  • “As realtors, we’re almost like that paycheck employee, and it takes a different mindset to treat real estate as a business.”

  • 70% of Jennifer’s business comes from forming long-standing relationships with people in her community.

  • Throughout the first 5 weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jennifer was able to list 6 homes and put 3 in contract.

  • “I think there’s enough real estate to go around for everyone.”


About Jennifer Seeno Tucker

Jennifer Seeno Tucker is an Associate Broker & Vice President of Business Development of Exit Realty United located in Nassau County, New York. She is the co creator of The 7 Saturday’s Training Program for local real estate agents. She has helped dozens of real estate agents transition from paycheck employee to a flourishing career as a sole proprietor in real estate. Jennifer has also guided many real estate agents throughout their careers and helped them stay focused in meeting their goals as business owners.

Jennifer is the author of Become A Rockstar Real Estate Agent: 7 Steps to Make $100k A Year. As a former educator with an advanced degree in curriculum design and instruction, Jennifer is committed to utilizing her background to provide realtors with the necessary tools for support as they transition to a full time real estate agent.

She is also Presidential Club Member of the Sandler SalesTraining Institute.

In 2017 and 2018 Jennifer was awarded the Silver Award from EXIT Realty International, the 7th largest real estate brokerage in North America, for her gross closed commissions in the New York Metro region. In 2019, Jennifer increased her sales and received the Gold Award.

As a Thank You to her clients, a portion of Jennifer’s personal commission is donated to a charity and has contributed over $5,000 since the inception of her willingness to make a difference.

Jennifer currently resides in Wantagh, New York with her daughter and their Chowsky.

To learn more about Jennifer, you can stay connected with her on her website and Facebook. You can also pick up her book here.


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