Episode 64: William Holly

Oct 27, 2020Podcast

How are you adapting your business to keep ahead of the curve? Are you looking to invest but don’t know how to get into the industry?

In this episode of Passion for Real Estate Investments, Owner of Holly Nance Property Solutions, William Holly, talks about his experience adapting to the new virtual world. From working two jobs, to buying his first building, to turning a six-figure profit three months after starting his real estate holding company, William’s passion for real estate has allowed him to scale his business and reach multiple levels of success.

Prior to buying his first property, William worked at Commerce Bank where he became one of the top bankers. At age 24, he founded a real estate holding company, and within three months, he had turned a six-figure profit. Since founding Holly Nance Property Solutions in 2006, he grew the company to turn 150 properties in 2012. In 2016, the decision was taken to scale down on the business.

What challenges does William face? He has some predictions about the future of real estate, and he gives some helpful advice for investors to keep investing throughout the pandemic. How was he able to keep doing flips even when there was a “no construction” Covid-19 regulation, and what is he doing to keep ahead of the curve?

If you’re looking to get into real estate, or you’re in the game and you want to learn some tips on how to invest during the Covid-19 pandemic, this episode has everything you need.

Highlights of the Interview:

  • “If it hasn’t really impacted you, you’ve got to keep pushing.”
  • “Adversity brings growth.”
  • “I like fashion, and the closest thing to fashion and dressing yourself is dressing a property.”
  • “It’s good to go out there as a customer first, and buy a property of your own.”
  • “There’s only one thing that’s constant through all of this – nobody knows what’s going to happen.”

About William Holly

Will Holly has bought and sold over 600 + properties in the NJ/PA market and is currently the owner of the Holly Nance Group LLC (HNG) . His company focuses on wholesale, turnkey, and fully renovated retail properties; which attest to HNG’s mission to “be #1 in turnkey real estate and to create a service that makes buying real estate as easy as purchasing stocks …” This vision allowed HNG to have a triple digit growth over the last 3 years including stronger investor participation for smaller development projects ranging between 5-10 million dollars . As noted by Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine, Mr. Holly was one of the FIRST visionaries of the “turnkey real estate” investing concept at the young age of 25. In 2012, the publication named him in the top 50 industry leaders in the single-family investing space.

On top of the expansion of his own business, Mr. Holly has created several real estate related companies such as property management, construction, mortgage financing, real estate brokerage and real estate education programs.

With many accomplishments in the real estate world, Mr. Holly has held his personal life to the same regard .He was recruited to Division 1 Savannah State University, where he received a full-ride scholarship to play baseball. Mr. Holly feels the most fulfilled by being able to give back to his Church, Youth baseball, Disabled Veterans, and disadvantaged African American Youth in his hometown. He is married to Danielle Holly and has a 7 year old son, William Holly JR.

Outside of family life and life of service, Will Holly speaks all across the country; educating individuals on how to build a perfect “boutique” real estate business. Holly Nance Group LLC has two operating offices located in Hamilton and Princeton, NJ.

To learn more about William, you can stay connected with him on his website, Instagram, and Facebook.


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