Episode 61: Michelle Bosch

Oct 7, 2020Podcast

Are you looking to invest in land? Do you want to increase your passive income while also ensuring financial security for future generations? 

In today’s episode of Passion for Real Estate Investments, co-founder and CFO of Orbit Investments, Michelle Bosch, talks about land. From immigrating to the US, to building an 8-figure company, Michelle’s many levels of success stem from her passion to create generational wealth and attain financial freedom. Today, Michelle and her husband, Jack, share their knowledge and experience to help future investors. 

After immigrating to the US in the 1990s, Michelle graduated with a Bachelors of Business in Finance from Western Illinois University and an MBA from the Thunderbird International School of Management. After joining the corporate world, she quickly realized that her job wasn’t providing the fulfilment and freedom she desired. Her deep dissatisfaction with her corporate life pushed her to search for a fulfilling side hustle, and this is when she came across land. After 3 years of investing in land on the side, Michelle and Jack took it on full-time, and in 2002, they founded Orbit Investments. They have since bought and sold more than 4000 properties across 17 states. In 2009, they started a coaching business that has allowed them to follow their passion for helping others succeed. 

How is land flipping different to house flipping? Michelle tells us how they’ve managed to create the “perfect crime” with their land flipping in combination with their single and multi-family homes. Is land flipping recession-proof and what are the drawbacks? 

Michelle tells us about the different kinds of properties that they specialize in, and why she doesn’t mind that her coaching is creating more competition in their market. We hear how investing in land is able to create wealth for future generations, and what free tools you can use to start investing in land. 

If you’re looking to invest in land, or you want to learn about creating passive income, or if you want to secure wealth for future generations, this episode has the information you need.

Highlights of the Interview:

  • Michelle and Jack immigrated to the US with just 2 suitcases and hearts full of dreams, and built an 8-figure company with $70,000 in passive cash flow from land alone.
  • They’ve perfected a model that allows them to purchase properties for 5-25 cents on the dollar, and sell them cash for up to 70% of market value, or with seller financing at 100% market value.
  • “Find an area in real estate that resonates: pick a lane, master that lane.”
  • “What you’re selling is not a piece of land, but a dream.”
  • Their average spread is the same as with a home, but without the complications and the moving parts such as holding costs, rehabbing, estimating repairs, etc.

About Michelle Bosch

“I have been a full-time investor since 2002. I’ve bought and sold over 4,000 properties, built one of the largest land investment companies in the US and hold a portfolio of over $40M in multifamily assets under management.

I’m also the Co-creator of the Land Profit Generator Program.

I’m a Real Estate Investor, Best Selling Author, Successful Entrepreneur and the Premier and Leading Expert together with my husband Jack on Land Flipping and we are on a mission to transform the financial lives of families across the globe and create 1000 millionaires with our Land Profit Generator Method.

We are the ONLY Land Coaching Company bringing real world experience, first class knowledge and expertise in the Land Flipping space providing you with a SUPERIOR Method, SUPERIOR Strategies and SUPERIOR Coaching and Approach to grow your Land Business.”

To learn more about Michelle, you can stay connected with her on her website, Facebook, or Instagram.


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