Episode 57: Bob Lachance

Sep 9, 2020Podcast

Have you ever contemplated outsourcing work to virtual assistants? Are you in real estate and looking for ways to scale your business with virtual assistants? Or do you want to know how to find good opportunities?

In today’s episode of Passion for Real Estate Investments, CEO of REVA Global LLC, Bob Lachance, talks about leveraging virtual assistants to scale your business. From being a professional ice hockey player to entering the real estate industry and building a global network of successful businesses, Bob has a long track record of overcoming hurdles.

Bob spent 8 years as a professional ice hockey player, and in 1995, he was a member of the National Championship Boston University Ice Hockey Team. After retiring from ice hockey, he joined the real estate industry and has been actively running successful businesses since 2004. In 2016, Bob founded REVA Global, a highly acclaimed real estate virtual assistant company. His years of experience and “no quitting” attitude have allowed him to diversify and leverage a wide range of businesses and networks to get more opportunities.

What are the challenges Bob faces? He tells us we need to start with the end, and we get to hear what makes his company stand out from the rest. What are the costs associated with hiring virtual assistants, and how is it different to hiring staff in-house? Are there any privacy concerns?

Bob speaks about real estate as a long game, and he breaks down some of the common misconceptions about what virtual assistants actually do. What was the brilliant realization that woke him up at 2am, and how do we fix the common problems with contractors?

If you’ve been in real estate for many years and you’re looking to branch out, or you’re just starting out and you want to learn from someone who has years of experience in the game, or you want to know more about virtual assistants, this episode will have the information you need.

Highlights of the Interview:

  • You have to start with the end.
  • “You’re 2 people away from a good opportunity.”
  • Leveraging virtual assistants is key to scaling your business.
  • “Real estate is a long game. If you’re in business to get a quick dollar, you’ll be out of business quicker than you got in to business.”
  • You don’t need a degree to go in to real estate investing.

About Bob Lachance

Bob Lachance has been an active business owner and real estate investor since 2004. Bob is an entrepreneur by nature and currently owns, operates and manages many different businesses around the world. Bob helped create one of the top Real Estate Coaching and Mentor programs in existence today and also created one of the premiere Virtual Assistants Staffing companies, REVA Global LLC. Bob is an expert in the real estate investing space and has an incredible reputation for creation, implementation, and execution.

Bob is a sought-after mentor and industry expert, lending his voice to countless real estate investors, startups and entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level.

Prior to getting into the business sector, Bob had a successful 8-year professional ice hockey career which allowed him the privilege of traveling and living all over the United States and Europe. Bob was also a member of the 1995 National Championship Boston University Ice Hockey Team.

To learn more about Bob, you can stayed connected with him on his website or via Facebook.


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