Episode 54: Patrick Precourt

Aug 19, 2020Podcast

What does your success look like? Have you got all the right knowledge to succeed but you’re still not seeing results? Do you believe that the way you think affects your life? In the future, do you want to be good, better, or best?

In today’s episode of Passion for Real Estate Investments, multi-talented entrepreneur, Patrick Precourt, digs deep and tells us how our own thoughts can be the difference between failure and success. From being a competitive Rugby player, to investing in his first property at the age of 25, to being an industry-leading mentor and speaker, Patrick has seen success by simply changing the way he thinks and makes decisions.

Patrick’s experience with real estate started in his early 20’s, working for his family’s home inspection company, while also living out his passion for competitive sports locally and abroad. At the age of 25, he invested in his first property, and by the late 90’s he was well on his way to become a professional investor. His passion for real estate investment and success stems from his outcome-oriented decision-making skills. This passion is what drove him to start mentoring others with the goal of building a bridge between those who do succeed and those who don’t.

He didn’t stop there.

In 2000, he opened North Shore Enterprises, a professional real estate investment company that specializes in pre-foreclosure and short sales. In 2008, he co-authored “Wake Up and Live The Life You Love: The Power of Team”, and his coaching skills helped grow a company to generate over $75M in annual sales. He also runs a successful personal development program that currently has over 800 elite students. While Patrick attained success coaching mental skills, in 2012 he opened The Cage in Rocky Hill, CT, a lifestyle fitness center.

What questions should we be asking ourselves? Do circumstances determine our outcomes? Patrick tells us why as many as 90% of people who have the right knowledge still fail to manifest it, and how we can actively change that. How do you go from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence, and why is it important?

If you want to learn how to change your thoughts, find the shortest path to your goal, or go from knowing how to do something to being competent at it, this episode is exactly what you need.

Highlights from the interview

  • “A fool on fire will outperform a genius on ice.”
  • Those who succeed make different decisions.
  • We need to be consciously aware of how little we know in order to open our brains up to learning.
  • The dichotomy between ‘better’ and ‘best’, and why doing your best can only get you as far as the boundaries of your comfort zone.
  • Success is not about the equipment, it’s about behavior.

About Patrick Precourt

Born and raised in Connecticut, Patrick spent his early 20’s working for their family home inspection company while living his passion, competing in Rugby both here in the states and abroad. This is also when Patrick began his real estate investment career, investing in his first property when he was 25 years old.

By the late 90’s, Patrick’s appetite for investing had exploded and he was on his way in a career as a professional real estate investor.

His passion also flowed over into teaching and Patrick started teaching his niche in investment. By 2004, he was speaking from the stage on a number of entrepreneurial topics including real estate investment, personal development as well as providing coaching and mentoring programs.

Patrick opened North Shore Enterprises, a professional real estate investment company specializing in pre-foreclosure and short sales at the beginning of 2000. Since then, his team has completed nearly 1000 short sales.

Patrick’s expertise in coaching and mentoring had hit a new level in 2008 when he partnered to provide fulfillment service to a company that grew to generate over 75m in annual sales.

Also in 2008, Patrick co-authored the highly acclaimed book “Wake Up and Live The Life You Love: The Power of Team.” You can find the book on Amazon or Google Books.

In 2012, Patrick opened The Cage in Rocky Hill, CT, a lifestyle fitness center that embraces the heart and culture of martial arts while providing the community a state of the art facility for achieving fitness goals.

Patrick is a multi-talented entrepreneur — an industry leader in personal development coaching, marketing, business development, speaking and influencing and a master of sales and leadership.

Patrick has turned his focus to running an extremely successful personal development mentorship program with over 800 elite students across the country. His most innate skill set is to pull the best out of you — to strip down the shell, drive right to the core and uncover what it is that truly drives you. Something that may have been buried so long you hardly recognize it.

Patrick is known across the industry as the quiet guru — the guy who speaks with his actions and documented results, not with long web copy, fancy marketing tricks and copycat tactics.

He tells it the way it is — an unedited opinion of a self-made entrepreneur and insanely successful business owner.

His beliefs in “The Power of Team” and his refusal to empower the misconception that competition is opposition have founded and driven his unarguable and unequaled success in his numerous entrepreneurial ventures.

To learn more about Martin, you can visit his website.


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