Episode 52: Nathan Trunfio

Aug 4, 2020Podcast

Are you interested in learning about all things lending? Are you looking for a lender that understands contractors and investors? Is it possible to get funded within a week? Or do you just want to hear the numbers?

In this episode of Passion for Real Estate Investments, Nathan Trunfio, President of Direct Lending Partners, will share what he’s learned from his 10+ years in lending and real estate. He has a never-ending thirst for learning and a passion for helping others.

And he’s managed to perfect his work-life balance.

From his company owning 10,000 doors and becoming a lender that stands out from the crowd, to lending in 30 states across the United States, Nathan’s passion for his work has him involved in all things lending. His experience ranges from sales management, residential lending, alternative business lending, private lending, and hard money lending. Nathan’s goal is to deliver an impacting experience to his team, his employees, and to his end users, while also earning wealth. On the side, Nathan takes time to share knowledge through his vlog, Talking Loudly with Nate. After hours, Nathan’s passion for work continues. His work-life balance includes his office hours, family time, and his ‘second shift.’

What is the ‘second shift’ that Nathan talks about, and how can you create an effective work-life balance that benefits your work? What separates DLP from other lenders? Where does his capital come from?

Nathan shares his unique perspective on lending, what his ideal loan looks like, and how he’s able to offer a customized experience to a borrower. He makes a prediction, and we get to hear about the challenges that are inherent to the lending business.

If you want to hear the numbers, the rates and terms, or about DLP’s new product for 2020, this episode has all the information you will need.

Highlights from the Interview

  • They’ve never had a loss on any of their loans.
  • They’re able to customize loans to suit the borrower’s needs, because of where they get their capital.
  • “The best interest of your investment strategy is the best interest of us.”
  • He has experience from both sides of the coin, and this sets him apart from other lenders.

About Nathan Trunfio

Nathan Trunfio has spent his entire career in the real estate and lending industries where he’s had experience as a sales manager and trainer, director of operations, capital markets, credit officer, and is now the President of DLP Direct Lending Partners, a lender offering fix2flip, SFR new construction, and multi-family bridge loans to real estate investors across 30+ states. Nate takes pride in having expert level knowledge and experience lending on all asset classes. This has allowed him to finance over $1B in loans for single family and multi-family assets.

In 2017, Nate joined DLP Direct Lending Partners and has helped the company reach exponential growth. Last year, the company doubled in revenue and funding more the $250 million in loans and lines of credit, which contributed to DLP being named as one of the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies.

To learn more about Nathan, you can visit his website or follow him on Facebook and/or LinkedIn.


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