Episode 45: Marck de Lautour

Jun 16, 2020Podcast

As we all know, one of the most exciting things about real estate is that things never stay the same. At the same time, one of the most frustrating things about real estate is the constant change. As a successful real estate investor, you need to manage your investment strategies, your cash flow, and your marketing (and more) to make sure your money is growing the way you want it to.

Marck De Latour was a successful real estate business owner, buying hundreds of homes per year, and managing over 600. He reached this level of success without spending a dime on marketing. Fast forward to today, Marck is still managing this level of success but his portfolio and marketing budget looks a little different. Marck and his team are getting into wholesaling, looking at potential TV spots, and getting ready to shift towards managing a smaller number of high-quality investments.

Why the change? Less stress, better systems, and a changing real estate market.

In this episode, Marck shares the backstory to his success and how he is adapting to the market to scale his company. Marck talks about his early days while he was growing his business and how his strategy in those early years of business helped him survive the recession. Marck will also detail how his company is addressing the new world of real estate created after the COV-19 pandemic and lockdown.

For many real estate investors and entrepreneurs like Marck, knowing how to adapt was a skill Marck had to learn. Adapting means knowing which strategies to change and which to double down on. Marck takes a lot of time to explain what challenges he is facing in adapting and what he’s doing now to reduce problems in the future.

If you’re a real estate investor who needs help figuring out how to adapt your business in this chaotic and unpredictable time, Marck offers plenty of advice, tips, and books to help you get in the right mindset to win.

Highlights from the Interview

  • How Marck’s company is managing 600 homes WITHOUT spending money on marketing
  • What Marck did to thrive during the 2008 recession
  • How the Coronavirus changed Marck’s investing and operating strategy
  • Why HGTV is creating a new level of competition in the real estate operator field
  • Biggest challenges Marck is facing in deal flow
  • Why you shouldn’t marry your acquisition strategy
  • Free and low-cost way to build a business without breaking your marketing piggy bank
  • The biggest step every entrepreneur needs to scale right

About Marck de Lautour

Marck is a New Zealand born real estate investor who currently lives in the Kansas City Missouri area.

He has built up a real estate company that now buys and sells 150 to 200 homes per year and currently has 600 houses under management.

His expertise in the turnkey real state model is unparalleled and his clients come from all-over the world to help them buy US properties, completely hands off.

To learn more about Marck, connect with him via his website or on Facebook.


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