Episode 42: Ryan Parson

May 27, 2020Podcast

When you start earning a lot of money as a real estate investor, what do you do with it? Who do you go to for advice? If you’re like most people, you might choose an investment advisor, financial planner, or broker as an answer.

Ryan Parson, a former financial planner turned chief investment officer and strategist, would have a different answer. Ryan worked for corporate as a financial planner but felt locked in. No matter how hard or how good he worked at his corporate job, Ryan was never able to control his time like he wanted to.

Ryan found that time (and money) with the alternative investments he was growing. His money grew so much that he was able to leave the corporate world and become a full-time investor. Ryan’s journey through his life as an accredited investor led him to a new problem, knowing what to do with his money.

As Ryan explains, having a lot of money is a problem anyone would love to have. That kind of wealth comes with challenges. Who do you trust to manage your money? Who do you give your money to? How much risk should you chase? He created a business that offered a solution to these very questions.

In this strategy-packed episode, Ryan Parson dives into the strategy it takes to be a high net worth individual with a diversified portfolio in this fast-paced and global economy.

Highlights from the Interview

  • Why real estate and alternative investing gave Ryan and his family financial freedom
  • How does a High Net Worth individual view money
  • Why Ryan escaped the corporate ladder
  • What to consider when planning generational wealth
  • Why masterminds are the key to expanding your wealth
  • Why we need to diversity smarter in this fast-paced economy
  • Why you can’t rely on one asset class your whole life
  • Is high yield always the best option?
  • Balancing control with access – should you give up control to scale your money?

About Ryan Parson

Founder and Chief Investment Officer of the Mile Marker Club, Ryan Parson is also the Founder and CEO of Heritage Capital USA, the parent company he started to focus on the needs of accredited investors. An MBA, CFP®, and ChFC, Ryan has more than 25 years of experience in financial services, insurance and real estate. His unique expertise comes from an in-depth knowledge of both the traditional financial services market and alternative investments, as well as his rich history of activity in various sectors. Ryan is also a nationally-recognized speaker and educator on topics related to alternative investing and portfolio management.

To learn more about Ryan, connect with him via his website.


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