Episode 41: Jason Nickel

May 20, 2020Podcast

If you’re trying to buy or sell properties in real estate, you need leads. For many real estate pros, this means any combination of emails, cold calling, postcards, and social media. One marketing strategy that many real estate professionals skip is text-based marketing.

While sending out texts to your leads is a fast way to get your lead’s attention, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Jason Nickel, the founder of LeadSherpa, found the right way. He was tired of the low returns he was getting with direct mail, so he found an effective and compliant way to reach leads with information.quicker and with a higher conversion rate than email or PPC.

But Jason didn’t just stop there. He turned his text-based method into a business that can help other real estate investors, wholesalers, and anybody else in real estate get qualified, verified, and compliant leads for your deals. Beyond leads, the text-based messaging platform Jason created (aka LeadSherpa) works with other software tools to combine your text-based marketing campaigns with other marketing methods.

In this episode, Jason shares how he came up with the idea behind LeadSherpa. He shares why he chose text messaging and the approaches any real estate investor can use to create a text campaign in less than 10 minutes. Jason also covers the concerns of many real estate professionals trying to market using text.

If you’re looking to get a high-converting method of getting leads in just 10 minutes using compliant and verified data, tune into this episode to get the details.

Highlights from the Interview

  • The key reasons Jason jumped into real estate (and why you need to as well!)
  • What Jason’s preparing for next in his real estate journey
  • Why Jason chose text-based marketing
  • How to get HIGH conversion and delivery rates with text-based marketing
  • The 2 main strategies in text-based marketing (and some advanced techniques others use)
  • How to stay legal with text marketing
  • How LeadSherpa works
  • Using Podio for real estate marketing
  • Can I use LeadSherpa with other types of marketing?

About Jason Nickel

Jason is an investor in Denver and the founder of Lead Sherpa, a compliant texting and premium skip trace for real estate pros.

Lead Sherpa is a text marketing platform for real estate investors, that lets you send text messages directly to motivated sellers.

There is a lot of buzz in the real estate investing world around new marketing platforms like text marketing.

To learn more about Jason, connect with him via his website.


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