Episode 40: Keir Weimer

May 13, 2020Podcast

You’ve probably heard of investors who start off with a single family unit one year and end up buying a multi-family unit the next and you’re wondering one thing: How? What is the strategy that allows a real estate investor to scale up fast?

Keir Weimer gives “mindset” as the answer. No matter what you’re trying to achieve in real estate, you need the right mindset to help you navigate the roller coaster that is real estate. You need the right mindset to find good opportunities. You need the right mindset to build the right team, find the right mentor, and the right processes to grow your real estate investments.

“Mindset” , Keir realized is the reason he was able to grow as a real estate investor so fast. When he started receiving rejection letters for graduate school, he made an important decision. Rather than remain in that failure, he created a solution. He became an entrepreneur, became an agent and then a top-selling broker. 

Keir knew that his goal was never to remain a broker. It was to become the owner, so he found the right mentors, put in the right systems, and scaled up. Once he reached the top, he learned another thing about “mindset”: You have to give in order to grow more.

That is what Keir shares with Fuquan today. Mindset is the reason Keir was able to grow so fast as a real estate investor. Mindset is also the missing piece you need as an investor to get to that next level in real estate, whether it’s a new unit or a new role.

Tune in to get insight to Keir’s top tips on how to earn more by growing your mindset. 

Highlights from the Interview

  • Keir’s journey from grad school reject to top-selling luxury real estate agent
  • The skills Keir learned that leveled up his investing practice
  • Why real estate offers so many money-making opportunities to learn 
  • How to scale your real estate investing skills fast
  • Why he chose to dive in multifamily investing…after the housing recession
  • The mindset you need to stay ahead of downturns
  • Why mindset is crucial to every level of real estate investing
  • Why Keir believes in giving back to grow even more

About Keir Weimer

Keir Weimer is an expert in entrepreneurship and real estate, having founded and successfully led multiple seven-figure companies in luxury real estate brokerage, hospitality development, investment, lifestyle show and brand, and education & information, training and event enterprises. He has a passion for taking early-stage, novel ideas to market and growing teams, cultures and businesses around them. An internationally-recognized, luxury real estate & lifestyle entrepreneur, Keir is now focused on sharing his expertise and success through a next-generation education and information company.

To learn more about Keir, connect with him via his website. You can also grab his Sophisticated Agent course here.


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