Episode 37: Randy Lawrence

Apr 21, 2020Podcast

In this time of uncertainty, many investors are concerned about their investments going forward. Investors are concerned that the real estate industry will again face the economic downturn that we faced in 2006. This concern can turn to unnecessary stress and worry that hurts your health as well as your bank account. 

That’s why we turn to Randy Lawrence aka “The Real Estate Preacher” to share with us his perspective on maintaining your health and business during this unpredictable time. Randy is a busy man, working as an asset manager, speaker, business owner, and preacher. As Randy will share, the only way he is able to maintain these jobs is through the right mindset, process, and people in place.

Randy began his journey into real estate investing in 2003, when he noticed the higher returns in the real estate industry compared to the stock market. That journey lasted through the 2008 investing recession and continues to this day, 17 years later, with assets ready to hit a billion in the next few years.

The secret to Randy’s awesome success in the real estate industry is what he shares in this special episode of Passion for Real Estate Investments. Randy talks about his strategy that allows him and his team to make money during good and bad economic times. He shares his thinking process and strategy for single family homes, flipping, improving his business, and how he is following a 30-year plan for his business’ billion-dollar future.

Highlights from the Interview

  • Why he left Wall Street investments in 2003..to start investing in real estate
  • The strategy behind Randy’s transition from residential to commercial real estate
  • How did your business survive the 2008 recession?
  • Why flipping houses is not as easy as it looks on TV
  • The 3 keys to a creating a successful (and growing) real estate investing team
  • Strategies for working with multifamily vs single family investments
  • Why did many real estate businesses get their butt kicked in 2008?
  • Biggest challenges as the leader of a real estate investing business
  • Holding your team accountable…without losing them
  • How he’s planning for a 30-year future for his business

About Randy Lawrence

Having begun his career as a traditional wealth manager, Randy understands finance and investing strategies in the broadest sense. Ultimately Randy determined that real estate was the ideal investment vehicle for his own portfolio, and early on (over fifteen years ago), he began partnering with other investors, to their mutual benefit. Today, Randy oversees a real estate portfolio of close to $100MM in multi-family assets and is on track to double these holdings in the next three years.


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