Episode 38: Mark Jackson

Apr 30, 2020Podcast

Most focus on making back the money during the selling process but what if you could focus on buying right at the beginning and making a profit up front.  That’s what @fuquanbilal discussed with the “Go to Valuation Specialist” Mark Jackson (referred to as MJ). MJ began his journey in 2000 when he took a buy out from his company and has not looked back. In the last 20 years, he has closed real estate transactions totaling millions!

In this episode of Passion for Real Estate Investments, MJ explains why InvestorCompsOnline has been a game changer since 2006. It provides a revolutionary method to allow investors to buy with confidence and at a fair value. By utilizing the services, real estate investors both domestically and internationally knowing the right price before they buy and turn a profit every time. MJ even reveals a few secrets about the current hot spots for turnkey investments (here’s a hint, there are 14 possibilities).

MJ talks about his strategy for scaling in turbulent times, getting into the game, finding the best deals, properly leveraging, and making the most of turnkey investments. He shares his resources for education and software you need to get ahead.

Highlights from the Interview

  • Why it is important to be able to determine the value of a property before buying.
  • Why a Turn-key approach is the better solution.
  • How to properly leverage notes and real estate.
  • What markets are hot for turnkey investments.
  • What are the best ways to scale during turbulent times.

About Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson fondly known as MJ has become the go to Valuation Specialist for people who want to achieve more in their real estate investing business.

Since 2000, MJ has been able to close real estate transactions totaling in the Millions and maintains a substantial net worth. InvestorCompsOnline was created to help investors like you do exactly the same. Since 2006 real estate investors both domestically and internationally use InvestorCompsOnline to confidently profit every time the buy a property, knowing the right price before they buy.

MJ has spoken on the topic of Real Estate Valuation across the US, Caribbean, Monte Carlo, Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, Australia, Japan and Africa. Most recently MJ has begun teaching students to successful Bid on and Wholesale Government HUD Houses.

When not traveling in the US and abroad, sharing his “valuation comes first” message, MJ is usually at home working on his many domestic and international business ventures. MJ is married to his lovely bride Toni and has five children. MJ’s main passions are: faith, family, playing golf and real estate.


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