Episode 35: Brandon Schwab

Apr 7, 2020Podcast

We are back for another episode of the @passion4rei Series! Today’s episode with @fuquanbilal focuses on a powerful investment strategy that very few people have heard of, senior living homes. But after hearing what Brandon Schwab, a wholesaler turned owner of a boutique senior living business, has to say, you might reconsider. 

Brandon shares why he believes the senior living market offers the potential for massive passive income with compassionate care, how he got started, and the math behind the big success his business is performing. 

Brandon covers the ins and outs of the business, from funding to operation. Listen in if you’re looking for a real estate investing strategy that pays consistently big in profits and heart, without needing a lot of our time or even a lot of buildings to maintain.

Highlights from the Interview

  • Why investing in senior housing is a better way to achieve MASSIVE  real estate income
  • Brandon’s path from active real estate to passive real estate owner
  • Providing compassionate senior living care
  • Apartment units vs assisted living real estate – which one gets better profit?
  • How a 10-bed home outperformed an apartment complex
  • The “numbers” behind Brandon’s success
  • The biggest challenge in Brandon’s business

About Brandon Schwab

Brandon is a brilliant business entrepreneur who started his first company, detailing boats and RVs, when he was only 15. By 2008, he had grown that business to a $750,000-a-year success. He then turned his creative energy to learning real estate acquisition and built a rental portfolio of 23 sandwich lease options from 2011-2014. As the visionary for Shepherd Premier Senior Living, his responsibilities include real estate acquisition, development, finance and recruiting

You can learn about Brandon on www.shepherdpremierseniorliving.com or www.babyboomerbustour.com.


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