Episode 32: David Van Horn

Mar 17, 2020Podcast

Most people only see the glamorous side of a real estate fund manager: the huge million-dollar deals, the luxurious life of the owners, and the high stakes when you manage huge dollars. What most people don’t see is the work.

In the next episode of the @passion4rei Series, we talk with David Van Horn, CEO and founder of PPR Note Co, a multi-million dollar Real Estate Mortgage Note Fund company. David shares his journey from an underemployed college graduate working in college to managing Multi million-dollar Real Estate Mortgage Note portfolios. 

David dives into practical strategies and tools he used as a Real Estate Mortgage Note Fund  Manager  and licensed realtor. These two areas of expertise give Dave a unique perspective on raising and managing funds for real estate deals.  

If you ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look at what a fund manager’s life really looks like, this episode will give you a small sample. In this episode, you’ll learn about the key challenges involved with managing millions of dollars, what it takes to keep wealthy real estate investors (and the government) happy, the importance of using a coach, and growing your impact beyond the dollar sign.

Highlights from the Interview

  • The unique challenges of managing million-dollar portfolios
  • The principle of building “customers for life in the financial services industry
  • 3 key questions every investor wants to know 
  • The 3 areas EVERY business must manage to survive
  • Why a coach can help you close deals quicker and with less stress
  • Why challenges in your business are really lessons to make your business smarter
  • Creating a double-whammy effect: Why focused charity makes a bigger impact 

About David Van Horn

 Since 2007, Dave Van Horn has served as President and CEO of PPR Note Co., a holding company that manages several funds that buy, sell, and hold residential mortgages nationwide. Dave’s expertise is derived from over 30 years of residential and commercial real estate experience as a licensed Realtor, Real Estate Investor, and Fundraiser. As the latter, Dave has raised over $100 million dollars for both notes and commercial real estate. Dave also owns a considerable portfolio of residential investment properties, as well as various commercial holdings.

In addition to his investments and role as CEO, Dave’s biggest passion is teaching others how to build and preserve wealth. Dave is a co-founder and board member of Strategic Investor Alliance, a purposeful planning and networking group for accredited investors. Dave is also a national speaker and investment blogger on BiggerPockets.com.

You can learn more via his contributions on Bigger Pockets, on his site pprnoteco.com or grab a copy of his book “Real Estate Note Investing


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