Episode 31: Glenn Stromberg

Mar 10, 2020Podcast

Mobile homes aren’t on your usual list of real estate investments, but that might change after you hear the next episode of the @passion4rei Series!

In today’s episode with @fuquanbilal talks with Glenn Stromberg, an investing expert with over 37 years and thousands of deals in the mobile home industry. Glenn has done every type of deal you can think of in the mobile home industry, from flipping to buy and hold and more.

Glenn talks about the unique opportunity in the mobile home industry, especially for newbie investors who are looking for less expensive investments. As he shares, mobile home investing is a well-kept secret that investors should take advantage of now because mobile homes are off
everyone’s radar. 

Glenn will share everything you need to start investing in the mobile home industry including his primary strategy for flipping homes (and making great returns, financing, and potential challenges in 2020. Glenn also provides his expertise on another way to leverage mobile homes, Airbnb. Glenn will go over how this new option in investing opens up even more
opportunities for investors in the upcoming future.

Highlights from the Interview
● When you invest in mobile homes-are you buying the home or the land?
● Why mobile homes are the best-kept secret in real estate
● Glenn’s primary strategy for flipping mobile homes for double-digit returns
● The buy-and-hold strategy for mobile homes
● Financing your mobile home investment
● Getting started in your first mobile home
● What’s my potential ROI for investing in mobile homes?
● Airbnb and new opportunities for mobile home investors in the future

About Glenn Stromberg

Glenn began his career in real estate in 1982, quickly becoming a top sales manager for a mobile home dealership. Over his 37 years in the mobile home industry, he developed mobile home subdivisions, owned a mobile home park, owned and operated mobile home sales centers and bought, sold, and leased single-family homes. Today, Glenn invests in his most profitable venture to date, double-wide mobile homes on land. Glenn has completed thousands of mobile home deals in his career and is excited to have the opportunity to share his legacy and valuable knowledge with you.

They have passive investment opportunities for investors and a coaching program that teaches real estate investors our business model!  You can learn more at StrombergInvestmentGroup.com and Mobilevested.com


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