Final Episode | Episode 157: Nate Dodson

Mar 21, 2024Podcast

The interest rates have been on an upward trajectory, signaling a shift in the real estate financial landscape. Higher interest rates typically result in increased borrowing costs, a slowdown in sales, and a potential decrease in property values, affecting both homebuyers and property investors. This dynamic environment demands a strategic reassessment and pivoting from investors to help them navigate the evolving economic conditions and adjust their expectations in response to the changing landscape.

In the episode, Nate shares that the key to navigating the market is understanding where the upside is in the market. According to him, debt is playing a pivotal role in the current market. You can acquire real estate by assuming loans at a 3 to 4% interest rate compared to borrowing at a higher interest of 8 to 9% in the commercial space. This approach offers good cash flow opportunities with higher cap rates, presenting a favorable investment landscape.

Nate has been a long-time investor of apartment complexes in the multifamily space, closing 218 deals last year and aiming to break 100 deals this year despite market shifts. He shares that in the first 3 months of the year, Lenders were retrading, pushing back, and canceling their commitment, and there is still a lot of that going on. However, they have seen more activities from loan assumption, taking on debts already there, and buying companies in real estate. His determination highlights the resilience of real estate, even in challenging times.

Nate is the principal and managing partner of Crowdfunding Lawyers, and they have been helping thousands of people doing real estate deals over the years. He is a deal junkie whose mission is to make things happen in his business and for other investors. His passion and background for the past 20-plus years have been in investment deals and roundup development in GP teams, where he has done more than 4000 multifamily units over the years and helped people raise billions to make things happen.

That is part of what Nate shares with Fuquan today. He emphasizes that the key to success is understanding the market upside and acquiring real estate through assuming loans at lower interest rates. Real estate investing is always going to be there, and it has made more millionaires than anything else.

Tune in to gain valuable insights into Nate’s investment strategy and top tips on optimizing your real estate strategy in the current market.

Highlights from the interview

  • A bit about Nate’s background and what he does in the real estate space
  • Why Nate is passionate about real estate investing
  • How the market has affected Nate’s business model and things he’s doing to pivot
  • Nate’s strategy that is helping him navigate the narrows in the current market
  • Targeting cashflow opportunities from debt assumptions Vs. Value add investments
  • The services Crowdfunding Lawyers provide to real estate investors



About Nate Dodson

Nate is a managing partner of Crowdfunding Lawyers and has over 16 years of helping clients on matters related to securities, financing, real estate, asset protection, and M&A. Not only has he assisted in the real estate transactions, financing and investment side but also has developed ground-up commercial properties and has participated on the sponsor side of approximately 4,000 multifamily units over the years.

Prior to his law practice, Nate was a stockbroker giving a unique experience in investment sales, structures, and asset protection. Through leveraging his expertise in the industry along with the help from his long list of trusted connections, he has represented directly and through his firm over $5 Billion in real estate and business funding transactions over the years.

To learn more about Nate, you can pick up his book here.


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