Episode 153: Eudania Burrell

Jan 25, 2024Podcast

Are you in a financial dilemma and not knowing what the future holds for you? Maybe your home was repossessed because you lost your job and could no longer pay the mortgages and bank loans. Such obstacles could be your way up to something better and bigger than you think. All you need is the right mindset and finding something to do, something you love, and something that gives you hope. Time and again, real estate investing has proved to be one of those strategies that gives hope after a shattered financial life. The good thing is that you are not alone. Eudania Burrell, who joins us in this episode, is one of the best examples to inspire you.

Eudania has had a successful career at the Department of Homeland Security for over 20 years. Despite facing challenges, like nearly losing her job during the COVID-19 pandemic and her home flooding the same week, Eudania did not give up. She needed something to keep her going, something to be passionate about, and something to look forward to. Real estate investing provided her with just that. She joined the Connected Investors network, learned about their software, and charted her own course through some guidance. She secured her first three real estate deals in three months and successfully closed them, and she has never looked back since.

In this episode, Eudania talks about the strategies she used to get herself off the ground, up to the point of launching a company, Renew Me Properties. Initially, the company focussed on wholesaling in order to help her build the capital reserves but recently got into subject 2 deals, buy and hold and also gap lending. She explains how her diverse approach to real estate has been a real success. Subject 2 deals are good if you do them with the right paperwork legally that protects both parties. She also points out that you do not need currency to get started in real estate. A good network is the first thing you need. A network is a form of currency in itself.

She also points out that interest rates are not slowing down her real estate investing, and it should not slow you down, too. You just have to learn to pivot and become a better investor. She is not fixed on the strategies to use. All she does is wait for the deals to dictate the strategy. Through that, she has developed a mindset of not seeing challenges as setbacks but as potential to learn new things. Every deal has had something to teach her. The interest rates may be high, but you must understand that you are buying an asset that will pay for itself when you do it right. Learn how to move with the market. Do not be rigid in your strategies.

Tune in to get insights into Eudania’s real estate strategies and tips for your success.

Highlights from the interview

  • Eudania’s journey into real estate while still working in Homeland Security
  • How the Covid pandemic impacted lives either positively or negatively
  • A bit about Renew Me Properties, a company Eudania launched
  • Why Eudania is so passionate about real estate investing
  • Challenges she is going through in the market with increased interest rates
  • Goals and predictions for her 2024 Q1
  • Eudania’s biggest challenge and what she is doing to overcome it
  • Best ways to reach out and connect with Eudania



About Eudania Burrell

Eudania Burrell is a New York native, mother, sister, Gigi, and an extraordinary trailblazer in real estate investing, who has celebrated 25 years of recovery and counting!. Eudania’s journey to success has been nothing short of inspiring

With 20 years of experience working for the Department of Homeland Security, Eudania has inspired and touched thousands of lives. She has been a source of motivation, hope, and resilience for many, earning her a well-deserved reputation as a dedicated public servant. However, her passion for real estate investing, coupled with her unwavering determination to succeed, has led her to add more feathers to her cap. She is now a successful real estate investor, business owner, and coach, among other impressive achievements.

Eudania’s journey has not been without challenges, as she faced several setbacks when the world shut down due to the pandemic in March 2020. Her job stopped, and her home flooded, making things incredibly tough. But, despite the adversity, Eudania refused to let circumstances define her future. She seized the opportunity to learn a new skill by signing up for Connected Investors and the PIN platform, and the rest is history. In a matter of months, Eudania had put her first three houses under contract and closed the deals shortly after. She discovered her love for real estate investing, which has helped her pay off debts, revive her business of helping homeless mothers and children, and supplement her parents’ income.

Even with her thriving real estate business, Eudania continues to work with the Department of Homeland Security while coaching Connected Investors students to achieve success like hers, using the PiN Software. Eudania’s life story is a testament that with determination, hard work, and access to resources, anyone can overcome any obstacle and rise above their circumstances.

To learn more about Eudania, you can stay connected with her on her website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.


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