Episode 143: Tom Zeeb

Sep 14, 2023Podcast

Are you an investor in the multifamily asset class actively seeking an investing strategy that can give you a distinctive edge in the current real estate market? One that can offer you a dual advantage of accessing high profits and portfolio flexibility. The good news is that such a strategy exists, and Tom Higgins will teach you how to maximize your investment yields and build a cash-flowing portfolio.

Tom Higgins gives the “small value add multifamily assets approach” as the answer. This approach holds the key if you want access to the highest yields and to create an expansive, income-generating portfolio within the multifamily sector. Mastering the strategy, the art of investing in recession-resilient assets, and strategically selecting deals with high cap rates will take you steps ahead of the game. This is the pathway to getting closer to the assets and getting profitable deals. 

Tom is a development and renovation expert. With over a decade’s experience working with some of the US’s largest and most influential real estate investors and development companies, Tom applies his expertise to successfully steer Terra’s development teams and innovative Small Multifamily Aggregation Strategy. To benefit from the current market climate, he focuses on investing in recession-resilient areas using his innovative strategy.

That is what Tom shares with Fuquan today. Remember, even when we are doing well, there is always something new to learn. Let every day be a challenge. There is always a new angle to multifamily investing and a new way to drive value. The amount of value a capable and roll-up-your-sleeve type of investor can provide is immense, and it provides an opportunity to get better and better. 

Tune in to get insight into Tom’s top tips on how to maximize your yields more and build a portfolio that will help you stay ahead of the game.

Highlights from the interview

  • Tom’s near-death experience while doing whitewater rafting 
  • The challenges wholesalers are having in the marketplace and Tom’s strategy 
  • Novation agreement strategy and how Tom does it for his business 
  • Why Tom is so passionate about real estate 
  • The things Tom is doing now to double down and triple down on his strategy 
  • Three main tools Tom is utilizing for lead generation in his business 
  • Tom’s program and how he helps people get in front of potentially motivated sellers



About Tom Zeeb

Back in 2001 Tom was broke as a joke.

A near-death experience while whitewater rafting pushed him to find a new way to break free of his 9-to-5 job.

His first “deal” almost took him under as well, but real estate investing saved him in the end. Both personally and financially.

Hundreds of deals later, he is happy to share the same negotiation, marketing and business techniques that set him free, so you can do the same. Simple, structured, and step-by-step.

Techniques that take you from spinning your wheels to doing profitable deals.

Investors of all levels struggle with their businesses. Newbies want to get started, but often keep hitting the wall of confusion and spinning their wheels. Intermediate and advanced investors often find that they made a wrong turn and built a business they aren’t actually happy with, but don’t know how to fix and re-engineer it.

Tom works with real estate investors of all levels to get their business built (or re-built) correctly, so that their personal goals and lifestyle stays at the center of everything they do, giving them more money, more time and more freedom to spend as they please.

It is amazing what a few tweaks to the core elements of your business can do for you. Tom teaches investors how to identify and implement those core elements.

To learn more about Tom, you can stay connected with him on his website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


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