Episode 141: Jay Conner

Aug 17, 2023Podcast

Have you ever wondered how to enter the real estate asset class, which offers both financial freedom and a recession-proof business model? Many of us have dreamed of such a business model, but the challenge lies in acquiring the necessary capital to get started.

Traditional options like banks or getting a mortgage are often unappealing due to high-interest rates and numerous terms and conditions. And what if your credit history does not meet the bank’s requirements? Does that mean your real estate investing dream will be shattered? Fortunately, there are alternative funding methods that are easier and more convenient. Private money funding is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Join this engaging conversation with Jay Conner as we dive into private money funding for real estate investors. Jay provides valuable insights into investors’ primary challenges when seeking capital for their real estate ventures while also unveiling effective strategies for cultivating confidence in this field. He also explores the profound impact of shifting market dynamics, such as escalating interest rates and inflation, on the landscape of real estate capital raising. Listen and discover how to get unlimited private money for your real estate deals without relying on traditional (or hard money) lenders.

Highlights from the interview

  • Jay’s background and the value he brings to the real estate space
  • Common challenges people go through when raising capital for real estate investing
  • How to get confident in what you are doing in real estate 
  • How the market dynamics have changed the capital raising space
  • Comparison between real estate investing and other asset classes in the current market
  • Jay’s terms of private money lending you should know
  • Best ways to reach out and connect with Jay Conner and grab a free copy of his book



About Jay Conner

Jay conner began investing in real estate in 2003. At the start of his career, he relied on his local banker and was able to put together a few deals. However, that also meant coming up with large down payments, paying origination fees, and signing personal guarantees on every deal. After years of feeling owned by the bank and being stressed out, he learned how to buy properties using creative financing, including subject-to and using lease-options.

After the market crashed in 2008, his banker cut him off. Jay had to abandon everything he knew about how to finance his deals. Then, he heard about the world of private money. He developed his own system for gathering millions of dollars for real estate deals. Over several years, jay refined his system until it was repeatable and dependable. When he put it to the test, the first person he approached gave him $250,000 in private money.

In just a few short months, jay raised $2,150,000 in private money. Despite initially cursing his banker, jay now thanks him. Jay’s unique system allows him to enjoy 7-figure profits year after year. He also has the freedom to work less than 10 hours per week in his real estate investing business by leveraging the power of automation.

To learn more about Jay, you can stay connected with him on his website, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


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