Episode 139: Daphne Wilson

Jul 20, 2023Podcast

Investing in mortgage loans, specifically distressed second mortgage notes, can be a great choice for real estate investors. It is a promising avenue for real estate investors looking for potential gains, as it involves buying these notes at lower prices when homeowners are unable to pay. So, if you want to take the plunge and supercharge your real estate portfolio with mortgage notes, this conversation with Daphne Wilson has it all for you. 

Daphne Wilson is a real estate investor and former IT Director who believes in achieving financial freedom through passive income. She founded Note Newbie Investment Education™ to educate individuals on alternative forms of investing in real estate debt instruments. Daphne is the creator of Distressed Seconds, an 8-week online program that empowers new investors to purchase mortgage notes nationwide, generating long-term passive income for their families with less time and money compared to traditional real estate investing. 

With her extensive experience since 2014, Daphne retired from her 25-year corporate career in just two years. She has assisted numerous individuals, regardless of real estate experience, in acquiring mortgage notes across the country.


Highlights from the interview

  • Daphne Wilson’s background and the value she brings to the world
  • How she decided to retire early by stepping into real estate
  • Why is Daphne so passionate about real estate investment
  • Her experience in the first year of note investing
  • The current market and how it is affecting the note business
  • Best ways to reach out and connect with Daphne Wilson



About Daphne Wilson

I was looking for a way to retire myself from a 25+ year career in information technology and decided real estate would be my ticket to retire; however, I had no real estate experience. To educate myself, I attended a free real estate seminar where I discovered mortgage note investing. President and founder of Bell Financial, LLC. Founded in 2014, I created the company to help homeowners in distressed and create long-term, passive cashflow to fund my retirement. My contribution to the community is to teach my investment strategy to others with no previous experience through Note Newbie Investment Education, a company that I founded in 2017.”

To learn more about Daphne, you can stay connected with her on her website, Facebook, or Instagram.


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