Episode 134: Jay London

Jun 15, 2023Podcast

Today, we are thrilled to have Jay London, the owner of London Equity Holdings, join us on the show. Jay has been involved in real estate for over 27 years, starting his journey in 1996 with his first house flip while still working in law enforcement.

Throughout his career, Jay has found a deep passion for real estate, and he believes that it offers unique freedom and flexibility to those who pursue it. One of the many reasons Jay loves real estate is because it allows you to pursue your hobbies and interests while still earning passive income.

In our conversation with Jay, we explore his transition from house flipping to self-storage, one of the fastest-growing segments in the real estate industry. You may be wondering, what exactly is self-storage, and what are the advantages of investing in it over other real estate classes. Self-storage is a unique niche that provides secure, convenient storage space to individuals and businesses looking to store their belongings.

In this podcast episode, we will dive into the benefits of self-storage investments, including its recession-resilient nature and the potential for strong, consistent cash flow. Join us as we explore the exciting world of self-storage investing with Jay London.


Highlights from the interview

  • Jay’s backstory, how he got into real estate and what he is focused on
  • Why Jay is passionate about real estate
  • Jay’s transition from house flipping to self-storage facilities
  • Benefits of investing in a self-storage facility
  • How the current market is affecting his business, and what things he’s doing to navigate
  • Should you construct or build?
  • Best ways to reach out and connect with Jay London


About Jay London

Jay London is a former police officer turned real estate mogul. He was born on a farm in Oklahoma, where he learned what hard work was really all about in life. That’s where he found out his knack for being able to fix anything. He fell in the love with construction at a very young age. When he finally left his 9-5 job (after 8 years on the force), that is when the business started to snowball. Nowadays, he builds high end custom homes, manages commercial property, and invests in the self storage business. Jay is a mentor for those looking to escape the grind and create generational wealth through real assets.

To learn more about Jay, you can stay connected with him on LinkedIn and Facebook.


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