Episode 133: Karl Spielvogel

Jun 8, 2023Podcast

Join another conversation with Karl Spielvogel, a real estate investor who has been in the business for over two decades. With a passion for tackling complex and messy deals that few others are willing to take on, Karl has become a specialist in niche real estate transactions. 

He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, dealing with situations involving multiple heirs, hard-to-locate individuals, judgments, and more. Karl’s expertise covers a wide range of areas, including tax delinquents, foreclosures, renovations, rentals, and land, and he has learned to engineer solutions for many types of difficult situations.

His unique specialties include excess proceeds, buying partial interests in properties, partition sales, bad titles, land variances, subdividing, and assemblages. Join us as we dive into Karl’s world of real estate investing, and learn from his vast experience and knowledge in this field.

Get ready to learn valuable insights on real estate investing from Karl Spielvogel.


Highlights from the interview

  • Karl’s backstory and how he got into real estate
  • Why Karl is passionate about real estate
  • Real estate strategies that people don’t talk about
  • What Karl is doing in the current market and the future projections
  • Best ways to reach out and connect with Karl Spielvogel


About Karl Spielvogel

Uncle Karl has been investing in real estate since the year 2000. He has built a great team with Alliance Finance, Inc. He specializes in niche real estate deals and is especially like to focus on the messy deals that few people are willing to do. Deals that involve multiple heirs, hard to locate people, judgments etc. We focus on tax delinquents, foreclosures, renovations, rentals, and land. Karl has learned to engineer many types of difficult situations.

Specialty niches include: excess proceeds, buying partial interest in properties, partition sales, bad title, land variances, subdividing and assemblages. His team spends a lot of time tracking down owners and heirs to vacant properties and working with liens and judgments as well.

Through experience and natural curiosity, Karl has learn great method for creative financing deals as well using zero percent financing, personal and corporate notes, substitution of collateral and subordination. 

Our largest deal was a vacant house at 2640 Laburnum with squatters where we netted $243,000 profit. A vacant tax foreclosure at 8610 Annabelle Lee Lane that was owned by a defunct corporation where the ex-wife had rights to the property. We closed it out with a net $228,000 profit. We’ve worked with a package of three properties where two of the three owners were deceased and a large IRS lien. We got a small lot that wasn’t buildable for back taxes for about $500. We netted $58K on one property. $75K on another and $84K on the vacant land after doing a variance. We had to chase one of the owners for nearly a year. Knocking on her door, sending letters, leaving Post-It notes. We were relentless, but it paid off. It’s a crazy story. Karl has dealt with everything from having a gun pointed to his head, been chased by dogs, had a motorcycle gang called out after him, lawsuits, and even opened a goat farm to get a deal done. He is truly a master in creative deals and thinking outside this box known as real estate investing.

To learn more about Karl, you can stay connected with him on LinkedIn and Facebook.


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