Episode 130: Viktor Rybachuk

May 18, 2023Podcast

Despite the rising interest rates, which are not going down soon, life must continue, and investing must go on. The demand for residence will not vanish because of economic uncertainty. Therefore as an investor, what should you do to pivot and make better decisions to stay in the game? Viktor Rybachuk joins us in this episode and spills all his secret strategies you can copy, from scaling down your team and digging deep into your pockets to having a network of trusted people across the country. 

Viktor’s early plan was to be a nurse, then advance to become a doctor. But along the way, he realized that to be a doctor, you needed to make a lot of sacrifices at the workplace, and somehow he was not ready to pay the price. That is when he made a turning point. He started reaching out to find out what he could do with his life and career. The more he researched how to make money, the more real estate kept coming up. So he decided to give it a try with the wholesaling. Several deals led down the road became years, and he has grown a company with a team of about 15 people doing consistent deals every month.

In his wisdom, Viktor advises that these are not the right times to reinvent the investing wheel. It is time to go back and stick to the basics or fundamentals. These include having the right team and ensuring they are the best fit for the position they hold. Provide them with the right systems and processes and get out of the way.

Listen and learn what you need to do to continue being a successful real estate investor, even with high-interest rates. 


Highlights from the interview

  • Viktor Rybachuk’s backstory into the real estate
  • Struggles and challenges Viktor has had along the investment journey
  • What Viktor is doing in the current market where interest rates aren’t going down
  • The increasing demand for housing
  • Value addition he does while flipping
  • Greatest challenges Viktor is experiencing currently and his ways of overcoming
  • Golden nuggets to invest and succeed in the current market
  • Why is Viktor so passionate about real estate investing
  • Best ways to reach out and connect with Viktor Rybachuk



About Viktor Rybachuk

“My name is Viktor, and I am the founder and CEO of I Will Buy House (IWBH). What a dream it has been to build this company on the compassion of my previous career as a pediatric nurse. I kept a promise to myself and started a business I longed for, recycled my skill set, and today I help homeowners resolve their various difficult real estate situations. Compassion continues to be a cornerstone of who we are. We are after adding ‘value first’ and believe we can help you find the best solution for your situation.

Because IWBH has been in business since 2015, we have been working with many different situations and can present you with several options that may work for you, including a fair and fast cash offer or connecting you with a local real estate agent if that is the path you want to pursue.”

To learn more about Viktor, you can stay connected with him on his website or Facebook.


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