Episode 126: Ron Walraven

Apr 20, 2023Podcast

Real estate has always been considered a safe asset, offering a stable return with the potential to grow over time. But that is not always a walk in the park. Today’s real estate market can be volatile, and your property could be worth less than you paid for it when conditions change.

Undoubtedly, we are experiencing a recession due to inflation and high-interest rates in the economy. Real estate has been affected in terms of demand, supply, and even financing. These new uncertainties demand a different approach and transition. You need to diversify your investment portfolio if you are to survive. Ron Walraven joins us for a chat on the current market, what investors need to be doing, and the predictions we can have in the next 24 months.

Ron is a full-time investor & Broker with 20+ years of Distressed/REO residential sales and management, with consistent closing excellence. He has many years of experience running a team of up to 9 people. From the market uncertainties in real estate, Ron took a different path in the last eight years to investing instead of REO/retail sales because the current market is very challenging in acquiring assets to resell.

Listen and learn more about Ron’s experiences with the current housing market, how he has transitioned, and the valuable lessons he has learned.

Tune in! 


Highlights from the interview

  • A quick bio of the guest; Ron Walraven
  • What Ron is doing in the current market to get traction in real estate
  • How property financing has been affected by interest rates
  • What Ron has transitioned to in the new market 
  • Impact of covid 19 on the housing market
  • Brace yourself for tough times in the housing market
  • Best ways to reach out and connect with Ron
  • Episode wrap-up and call-to-action


About Ron Walraven

Waymark Homes founder Ron Walraven attained his real estate brokers license in 1999 and has sold over 3,500 homes throughout his career. In his early days he specialized in selling foreclosures for banks. With his extensive knowledge he is able to offer his sellers fair market value for their home, uncover potential, and see past the repairs that may need to be done. Since 2010 he has been helping home owners sell their homes quickly and hassle-free so they do not have to worry about finding a buyer, no matter the market condition.

To learn more about Ron, you can stay connected with him on his website.


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