Episode 122: Jack Krupey

Mar 23, 2023Podcast

You do not want to be the owner of a debt when the economy is experiencing double-digit inflation. After watching what was happening with inflation and interest rates, Jack Krupey pivoted to multifamily investments. What makes multifamily the best investment to curb that? Jack’s experience of over 20 years in the game brings insights into this niche. 

After reading How to Make One Million Dollars in Real Estate in 3 Years Starting with No Cash, Jack called his college landlord and asked for some advice. Fortunately, he was a real estate broker and owned about 20 houses, so he had good information that would be of benefit. Within two months, Jack bought a house with almost no down payment. He repeated the process and also got his broker’s license.

When the financial crisis happened in 2008, it crippled his investments. That gave him an opportunity to relocate to New York (from New Jersey). He was fortunate to find a job at a private equity fund helping non-performing mortgages. For over ten years, Jack lived in New York and grew his knowledge in the mortgage space.

Eventually, he got back into real estate as an investor to have that passive income and financial freedom. Since then, he has been passively investing in multifamily in various syndicated asset classes through his own fund, JKAM Investments. Apart from this, he also invests in self-storage, mobile home parks, and so on. Listen as Jack talks about what he’s currently doing in the multifamily space and an overview of the current market.

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Highlights from the interview

  • The backstory and investing journey of our guest, Jack Krupey
  • What’s happening in the multifamily market
  • Why multifamily investing is ideal for curbing the effects of inflation
  • The target markets of Jack’s firm 
  • Investment opportunities in 2023
  • Key investment golden nuggets from the episode
  • How to reach out and connect with Jack



About Jack Krupey

Jack Krupey has been investing in both real estate and distressed debt since 2001. He has built long term relationships with experienced real estate developers, sponsors, and syndicators over his 20+ year career. Jack leveraged the 2008 financial crisis as part of a private equity fund that yielded impressive returns off of distressed and restructured debt. He repositioned properties as well as modified and restructured loans for borrowers.

In 2014, Jack entered into a partnership with a large private equity fund and led the asset management arm of the firm that made over 3 billion dollars in purchases of non-performing and re-performing mortgage debt between 2015 and 2019.

An entrepreneur by nature, Jack decided to start JK Asset Management to focus on alternative assets such as value-add multifamily real estate. He then launched the JKAM Diversified Real Estate Fund in September 2020 and is launching a 2nd Diversified Fund in 2022.

To learn more about Jack, you can stay connected with him on his website.


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