Episode 120: Santini Lancioni

Mar 9, 2023Podcast

Do you love a business that makes sense in numbers? Do you have a successful W2 job that pays well, and you now want a safe saving plan for your money? Look no further because Santini Lancioni found an investment vehicle that made him leave his sales job within two years. 

Santini, currently 35 years old, describes himself as a basketball player who became a real estate investor. He got into real estate around 2016. Though it was not one of his goals to own a big portfolio or have a real estate company. His initial goal was to have a safe way to put his cash.

Santini had a high-paying w2 sales rep job and was doing well. His first real estate idea was owning a triplex, which made him over $1,600 a month, bringing a new mindset to the investment. Over the next two years, he worked hard while building a portfolio through more properties. At about 30 doors, he started seeing that side hustle as a potential full-time business avenue. 

Since 2018, Santini has never looked back. He continues to build his financial portfolio, build wealth and enjoy time and financial freedom through the real estate vehicle. In this episode, he shares his journey, struggles, and the valuable lessons he has learned from the covid-19 pandemic and over seven years of investment. Learn more about his success strategies and what he is doing to impact the world through real estate.

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Highlights from the interview

  • Wendy’s journey in the money lending space 
  • Why Wendy is passionate about real estate investing 
  • Doing what you’re passionate about and being in charge of your schedule 
  • Building your real estate business around your lifestyle 
  • Hard money and the transition Wendy is experiencing in the current market  
  • Things Wendy looks for when lending out funds to investors to be on the safe side
  • Mindset and mental toughness to move forward to earn more money
  • Wendy’s give-back teaching program that helps people learn


About Santini Lancioni

As CEO, Santini is a driving force behind HOF’s rapid growth, spearheading the implementation of systems, people and new opportunities within the industry.

Prior to real estate, Santini had a very successful career in corporate sales and during that time he began to invest in the single & multifamily homes. In 2018, Santini decided to follow his passion by leaving corporate America and going into real estate full time. Since then he has done over 500+ real estate transactions through creative finance, house flips and rentals. 

Santini attended Stockton University where he graduated in 2012 with a BS in business management. In 2017 he was inducted into the Stockton Basketball Hall of Fame. His love for basketball and passion for real estate is how we then became Hall of Fame Real Estate.

To learn more about Santini, you can stay connected with him on his website.


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