Episode 113: Will Denis

Jan 19, 2023Podcast

Wholesaling is tough, especially in today’s climate. First, we had the big buyers coming in and taking over the market, and then the wave after COVID, but some people are still profiting from wholesale deals. The big question is How? What is the secret strategy that is allowing them to thrive?

Wholesaling has been hurt for a while now, but Will shares that as a 7-figure business, last year was the best year ever. He gives “pivoting and innovation” as the answer. Like any other, his business slowed down in volume, but pivoting, innovation, creative financing, fixed and flip, using private money,  leveraging relationships, buying in certain areas, and making sure their spread was worth it helped him to pick it up. 

With the uncertainty in the market, people are scared of buying and the after-repair value (ARV). For Will. Will pivoting and innovation enabled him to plan for the properties he was selling and the people who would afford them. We’re in a transitionary period, and planning for your ARV will help you maintain the marketing flow. 

That is what Will shares with Fuquan today. Pivoting, innovation and creative finances are the reason Will was able to maintain the marketing flow and increase his revenue during an economic downturn. 

Tune in to get insight from Will’s top strategies for finding profitable deals and earning more revenue in wholesaling. 


Highlights from the interview

  • Why Will is passionate about real estate investing 
  • How the COVID wave is affecting Will’s wholesaling business
  • Innovation strategy and how you can leverage it to scale 
  • Will’s risk-adjusting model
  • How to evaluate and prepare your business model for a market shift  
  • Acquisition and disposition of properties 
  • Q1 auction performance and price adjustment strategy


About Will Denis

Will co-founded a South Florida wholesaling business doing over $7M revenue a year. He also has a record of over 350 deals to date with over 40 fix and flips and 25 rental doors.

To learn more about Will, you can stay connected with him on his website, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.


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