Episode 112: Mark Jackson

Jan 12, 2023Podcast

It takes experience to see and understand what is going on in the real estate market and due diligence that some of us will need to catch on to. But how can we capitalize on success even when we are novices in the market? 

Mark Jackson gives the “Valuation First Approach” as the answer. If you want to achieve more in your real estate investing business, mastering how to do property valuation will take you steps ahead in your due diligence game. It’s the way to understand market blocks, the best acquisition value, and other valuation options to get profitable deals. 

Mark is a Valuation Specialist. He has interacted with many investors and understands what we need to do to pivot and succeed. He is in single-family homes, and his goal is to provide affordable and sustainable housing and help people transition into home ownership. To benefit from the current market climate, he focuses on accurate valuation and investing in markets with good appreciation value to build cash flow throughout the holding period.   

That is what Mark shares with Fuquan today. Even though the interest rates and inflation are high, you can still get good deals and returns and build your cash flow. Valuation and due diligence are the keys to getting to that next level in real estate. Stop waiting for good times. There are still good deals, and the best time to invest is now.

Tune in to get insight into Mark’s top tips on how to earn more by growing your mindset. 

Highlights from the interview

  • Why Mark is passionate about real estate investing 
  • The essence of the Valuation first approach 
  • What to look for in value when doing your due diligence 
  • The market climate and how you can pivot to be successful
  • How to benefit from inflation and find good deals in the market 
  • Mark’s investing strategies in sustainable single-family homes 
  • Mark’s program of helping tenants transition into home ownership


About Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson, fondly known as MJ, has become the go-to Valuation Specialist for people who want to achieve more in their real estate investing business.

To learn more about Mark, you can stay connected with him on his website.


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