Episode 110: Graham Parham

Dec 29, 2022Podcast

Investing in real estate is a popular long-term strategy for producing income; but, what are the costs, and do the benefits outweigh them?

Graham Parham sees “real estate investment” as a passive income to a secured retirement. Being an investor, he is also known as a loan officer, which gives him an edge as he can also give an opinion for investors. As the years go by, the real estate marketplace has definitely changed. Some of the new investors have seen the increase in purchasing real estate as a negative effect on their cash flow; yet, some seasoned real estate such as Graham sees this as an opportunity to buy.

“Real estate investment”, Graham realized, is a good investment if people recognize that upfront; however, investors – especially those just starting out, are cautious and scared to invest due to the high rates. During COVID, Graham sold his house, moved to a different state, leaving 2.2% interest rate, and going to 8% interest rate. For him, he focused more on the investment.

That is what Graham shares with Fuquan today. His expertise in real estate investment is the reason Graham was able to establish a solid reputation as a real estate investor.

Tune in to get insight to Graham’s top tips on how to earn more in real estate investing. 


Highlights from the interview

  • Graham’s passion for real estate investing
  • The advice Graham gives that leveled up people’s investing practice
  • Why real estate is not a race 
  • What’s the status of the real estate market?


About Graham Parham

Graham W. Parham has been a Mortgage Loan Officer for over 24 years. He experience in the residential real estate market he has developed a significant following among homebuyers and investors. Known and respected industry-wide, Grahams production consistently ranks him as a Top 1% producer nationally. Graham offers invaluable insight into a purchasers likely requirements, providing an exceptional business ethic of customer service and respect, catering to their needs from pre-qualification to closing. He is a truly dedicated person, who strives to ensure that each transaction is handled in a timely and stress free manner. By employing these standards, Graham has established a solid reputation for going the extra mile to put together the absolute best financing available for his clients. Graham prides himself on staying ahead of the curve, keeping up to date with the latest products and industry trends.

As an active investor himself, Graham has a strong insight on what his investment buyers are looking for to accomplish their short and long term goals. Knowing that investment loans strongly scrutinized, it is up Graham his team of underwriters who understands rental property loans versus that of an owner occupied residence. His general knowledge of REO properties and Turnkey providers coupled with a strong operational staff allow his loan closings to be seamless and “On Time Every Time”

To learn more about Graham, you can stay connected with him on his website and Facebook.


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