Episode 109: Fernando Angelucci

Dec 22, 2022Podcast

Self-storage is a stable and successful real estate investing strategy. It provides the investor with low risk and high returns, making it a great option to diversify for a long-term investment strategy. The combination of investor requirements and the demand for storage space makes this investment sound.

Fernando Angelucci has been investing in this space and currently has over $100 MM in self-storage properties. However, that did not happen overnight. When he was 23, he started doing real estate on the residential side by wholesaling and acquiring residential rentals. He then went on to build a multi-family rental portfolio spanning the Midwest. In preparation for the next down cycle, Fernando and the team divested from residential real estate to focus on self-storage. In this episode, he explains why he chose self-storage over other REI strategies.

Among the reasons is that self-storage is a recession-resistant investment and has been a consistently strong performer in the real estate market. In times of recession, people may postpone buying furniture and other big-ticket items but will still need to store them somewhere. It is also a stable investment and attractive asset class for banks to lend on because it has the lowest default rate amongst real estate asset classes. Other reasons include the low break-even occupancy and management costs.

Listen and take notes as Fernando explains these reasons, and many more, to support why self-storage is one of the best investment vehicles available for investors looking to achieve wealth growth while avoiding the volatility of alternatives like the stock market.

Tune in! 


Highlights from the interview

  • Reason why Fernando is so passionate about real estate investing
  • Why Fernando made a pivot from multifamily to self-storage investing
  • Dealing with people who rent a self-storage facility and decide to live there
  • Why raising capital to finance deals is easy with equities in any market condition
  • Acquisition size of Fernando’s deals

About Fernando Angelucci

By the age of 30, Fernando Angelucci has built a portfolio of over $200,000,000 in self-storage assets across the country within the last 4 years. Fernando diversified his investments between purchasing existing cash-flowing assets, building ground-up REIT grade facilities, and utilizing adaptive reuse conversions of big box retail stores into class A self-storage. In addition to his own acquisitions, Fernando provides other self-storage investors access to off-market facilities at drastic discounts, capital for strategic partnerships, and opportunities for passive investors to participate in self-storage syndications

To learn more about Fernando, you can stay connected with him on his website and Facebook.


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