Episode 104: Heather Dreves

Nov 30, 2021Podcast

In today’s episode of Passion for Real Estate Investments, Director of Funding and Fund Manager at Secured Investment Corp, Heather Dreves, talks about raising capital.

In 2012, Heather joined Secured Investment Corp as an investor relations manager before immediately being promoted to Director of Funding, where she has been ever since. During her time at Secured Investment Corp, she has personally raised over $200Million

How important is transparency? Hear about Heather’s experience running a fund, the importance of investor relationships, investor opportunities, and the value that Secured Investment Corp provides for all investors.

If you want to get involved with Secured Investment Corp, or you want to learn about raising capital, or you’re interested in investing in funds, this episode is for you.


Highlights from the interview

  • “To get ahead and create wealth for yourselves, you’ve got to have side hustles.”
  • “More than anything, they’re investing in you.”
  • “If I was investing money, and I had questions or concerns, I would want to be able to communicate with the person I need to go to to get the right answers.”

About Heather Dreves

Heather Dreves is the Director of Funding and manages a team that is responsible for raising capital through Secured Investments High Yield funds and the sale of Trust Deeds. She also holds a position as a Fund Manager at Secured Investment Corp. and oversees the activities of the Secured Investment High Yield Funds. She is a tenured employee that has been in the Private Money Industry for over 15 years. Heather has held her Series 63 license in the past. She has been directly involved in the sale of over 100 million dollars in Trust Deed Mortgages and raised over 30 million in capital through three Secured Investment Corps High Yield Equity Funds. She has experience in assisting Underwriting, managing origination, Servicing teams and Investor Relations. She is an active real estate investor focusing on rental properties but with experience in flipping properties.

To learn more about Heather, you can stay connected with her on her website.


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