Episode 103: Alex Pardo

Nov 16, 2021Podcast

In today’s episode of Passion for Real Estate Investments, Founder of Creative RE-Solutions, LLC, Alex Pardo, talks about his entrepreneurial journey to freedom.

Alex’s entrepreneurial journey started when he bought baseball cards for $1 and sold them for a $.50 profit. He has since founded and managed multiple successful businesses that have allowed him to fulfil his passion of helping and supporting others. In 2005, Alex founded Creative RE-Solutions, LLC, a South Florida home buying company. In 2019, he Co-Founded Ascend, a high-level entrepreneurial mastermind and coaching community. He is also the host of the Flip Empire Show, which launched in 2016, and regularly features industry thought leaders.

After 16 years in real estate, why is it not Alex’s passion? Hear about why Alex exited the wholesaling business, how he is aligning his business with his goals, how he’s giving back to entrepreneurs, finding the right mastermind, and the importance of thinking about the bigger picture.

If you want to create freedom, impact, and purpose, or you want to learn how to build a business that allows you to follow your passions, this episode is for you.


Highlights from the interview

  • “Comfort is the enemy of growth.”
  • “Real estate is a vehicle, it’s a tool. It’s not my passion.”
  • “Scale to get better before you scale to get bigger.”
  • “The business is a separate organism. It doesn’t define who I am.”
  • “Your business will only grow to the extent that you do.”
  • “Sometimes we think we have a business challenge, but, at the root of it, it’s a personal challenge.”
  • “Relationship capital is the ultimate currency.”
  • “Don’t do what I do. Do what I did, because you can’t do the do till you do the did.”

About Alex Pardo

I’m a family guy, entrepreneur, real estate investor, coach, adventurer, sports enthusiast, and love helping people.

I’m the founder of FlipEmpire.com and its parent company, Creative RE-Solutions, LLC, and have flipped well over 300 properties.

I graduated from college in 2002 with a Finance and M.I.S. degree, and went to work for General Electric’s Financial Management Program (in their Consumer Finance division). At the time, I had aspirations of becoming a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but sometime during my third month on the job, after working an average of 75 hours a week, I quickly realized that I wasn’t going to create the lifestyle I envisioned working for someone else.

I completed my two-year commitment to the company, and fired my bosses in January 2005. A few months later, I went backpacking around Europe & Africa with a few buddies, and while partying in Ibiza, Spain, I received a call from a friend who invited me to a “Marketing for Deals” boot camp that coming month.

This was my “fork in the road”. I had financed my 3-month trip on my credit card, was in debt, and had no income. The cost of the event was $997, and after a few minutes of internal debate, I bought the ticket, and booked my flight. I had committed to start a real estate business, and was going to make it happen one-way or the other. Less than two months after that boot camp, I closed my first deal and made $44,000 (which almost replaced my income with GE)!”

To learn more about Alex, you can stay connected with him on his website, Instagram, or Facebook.


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